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Last Update 3 years ago

If you’re unable to join our Elite Status (or simply don’t want to) you can still support us for free by whitelisting your AdBlock software on our website.

It’s simple and takes just a few seconds – just two button clicks away.

This will also ensure you receive the best browser experience and functionality and allow Push campaigns on LethalPanda.com See how this site is financed for more details.

We hate ads too!

However, advertising helps us fund the website, pay our server bills and team members. By enabling our free Adblock Whitelist Filter it will allow ads to run on our domain only.

Because we hate adverts we promise we will never plaster your screen and ruin your viewing experience with annoying adverts and we will never allow those annoying popups ads.

Our Filters

If you have Adblock Plus, uBlock Origin, or AdBlock, click the button below to add LethalPanda to the filter list.

Please visit this link (https://docs.lethalpanda.com/whitelisting) to add us to your whitelist. 

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