What is Deadzone / stick drift / degree correction?


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What is deadzone?

When your analog stick has a deadzone, it doesn’t fully register input when you push it in a specific direction. No matter how hard you push the stick, the controller acts as if you’re not fully pushing it – if at all.

This creates some annoying issues while playing games. When you try to move your character or the camera around, it doesn’t feel as if your actions are properly translating to the game.

The default (and recommended) value is 0.50 in-game and 5 in Mod Central.

These are the recommended values for most controllers (especially brand new). Drift correction is usually zero-zero with a strength between 17-18 without Optic and 15-16 with Optic.

How to Detect a Deadzone?

I found Gamepad Tester. It’s a web app that can automatically detect controllers plugged in to your PC and automatically bring up diagnostics for it. If you plug in your controller and nothing happens, try pressing buttons to “wake it up.”

Once the diagnostics engage, you’ll see two crosshairs with white dots in the middle. These are the analog stick testers, and the white dots move as you move the sticks.

It’s okay if the dots “jitter” a little bit when they’re stationary; just move the sticks around and see if the dots match up with your movements.

You can use a free program like DS4Windows which allows you to test your thumbsticks X/Y/Z. This is free software and only available for Windows 7 or above.

Don't use the Warzone tac-map to test your dead-zone. It seems it's off and misleading and can report stick-drift even when you don't have any!

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