Is Cronus Zen compatible with the PlayStation 5?


Last Update 2 years ago

Yes. However, using Cronus Zen with a PlayStation 5 requires a Cronus Zen PS5 Dongle or a PS4 third-party licensed controller to act as a security license donor, otherwise the controller will disconnect while playing PS5 games. We call this a Speciality Controller (see below for the current list).

NOTE: Some games (like COD: Vanguard) will not work when playing the PlayStation 5 version of the game. See: "Cronus Zen isn't working with Call of Duty: Vanguard?".


- Cronus Zen Firmware Version: 2.0.9 (minimum)

Zen Studio Version: 1.10 (minimum)*

Cronus Zen PS5 Dongle or PS4 third-party licensed controller (we recommend the HORI PS4 Mini-Pad).

Rumble support varies from game to game. Some GamePack features like Weapon AI mode will not work with any game that has no rumble.

*In Zen Studio, navigate to the Device Tab and select 'Enable PS4 Speciality'. You will be prompted to power cycle your Zen for the setting to take effect (simply unplug all USB cables from the Zen and then reconnect).

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