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PS4 speaker audio is NOT supported at this time. If you do not hear audio coming from the controller speaker this is normal and the device is working correctly. In designing the PS4 F.P.S. Dominator we wanted to ensure you did not have to sacrifice the convenience of controller headset audio as this a very popular method of experiencing game audio.

Using a 3.5 mm Headset or USB Wireless Headset (Sony Gold™)

The device has its own headset port conveniently located underneath. THIS audio port must be used for 3.5 mm connected headsets.

You CANNOT use the audio port built into your controller when using the PS4 F.P.S. Dominator device. We have intentionally covered up access to this port with the security arm for this reason. Operation of headsets using this port is exactly the same as using the one in the controller.

To enable CHAT and GAME audio on a headset attached to the 3.5 mm jack, simply navigate to the “Adjust Sound and Devices” menu on your console and choose “All Audio”.

To use just a CHAT headset and external speakers for GAME audio, simply navigate to the “Adjust Sound and Devices” menu on your console and choose “Chat Audio”.

Using a USB Based Headset

If you are choosing to use a USB Based headset like the SONY GOLD, simply plug in the dongle any time and turn on your headset AFTER pairing the PS4 F.P.S. Dominator device.

If you are using a wired USB headset, plug the headset in AFTER pairing the PS4 F.P.S. Dominator device with your console.

The console will ask “Headset Connected Who is using this device?” Simply choose the appropriate login for the headset to be assigned.

If you choose to use a headset plugged into the StrikePack in the same gaming session, you will first need to unplug the previous Sony Gold TM USB dongle or wired USB headset from the console.

When you see the message “Headset Disconnected” in the top left of your screen, you will need to unplug and plug in the cable to the StrikePack to reset and then it will be ready to use with your 3.5mm headset again.

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